Mustang Music are the world distributors of the famous UB Hank Shadows backing tracks cds. These cds were originally made at the request of Hank Marvin in his Perth, Australia studio.

Copyright Infringements

Tracks from UB Hank and Casting A Shadow cds are being illegally copied and sold on E-Bay. Only Mustang Music Ltd and our distributor Leo's Den can provide the genuine product. All our cds have a MCPS Licence and Royalties are paid on every cd to Sh-Boom who produced the cds for us in Hank's studio.

Every cd has been endorsed by Hank who says, "This is definitely the best idea I never had". The original idea came from Hank's friend Victor Chan who asked Hank if he ever thought about making Shadows Backing Tracks.

Trevor Spencer and Gary Taylor of Sh-Boom Music Production produce the cds in Australia and Mustang Music manufacture and distribute them from the UK. In addition to karaoke cds for guitar, Mustang Music has available music and tablature for every cd. This includes the lead part and the chords. Another Shadows backing track cd that Mustang Music has produced is 'Casting A Shadow'. This is similar to the UB Hank cds, but has various musicians associated with The Shadows playing on it.


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